Being the youngest in my family, I have seen a lot of people get married. You would be literally amazed at the number of weddings I have attended in my entire life. This not only meant that I was there dancing at every wedding, but it also meant that since childhood I had seen people making preparations for their wedding and coming up with ways to save money; some of which worked while others backfired. It was like the fates training me for this very day when I would be saying yes to the man of my dreams and actually becoming a part of something I had grown up watching all my life: people trying to save up from their wedding budget. Few simple tips and you would be actually surprised at how much I got to save and cut on my wedding budget. So here I am sharing those tips with you as well so that you can follow these tips too and save on your wedding.

Haggling always works

You might think that saving a penny here and there would have no considerable difference on the overall budget but when you are managing a whole event, every penny counts. Save up as much as you can. Haggle and negotiate with the salesperson wherever you can because it is your right as a customer. If you think you are not good at haggling, better take someone with you who is.

DIY whenever possible

Instead of buying things right off the rack, take some time off and try to come up with creative ideas through which you can save money there. If you think you can recycle and work or some former bride’s things, do that. You can always create bouquets on your own and can even work with wedding invitations in your free time too.

Marry during the off-season

During the off-season most of the things, locations and items will be available at a lesser price. Make use of this so that you can save up on some of the major expenditures on your wedding day. Starting from the location to the wedding dress, you will be amazed that the wonders of off-season wedding.

Buy wedding rings online

Rings are the symbol of the bond you are about to create. The ring stays on your finger for the whole life ahead. So buy something that would be the symbol of the love you both share. When it came to us, we decided to go to Orla James for this. Not only did we save a lot on our wedding rings but we, in fact, loved their designs so much that we ended up getting our eternity rings from them as well. In the same way, if you look online, not only can you compare the prices but can also find great options within your budget.

There are so many other ways of saving from the wedding budget. What other ideas do you have?