Picture Perfect Flowers are a must when it comes to a wedding. Bringing together your dream bridal bouquet is part creativeness and inspiration, and part knowledge. The three main questions you have to ask yourself are:

• What is the theme for your wedding day?
• How much budget you have?
• What season is it going to be when you get married?

It is always good to pre-plan and discuss early with your florist about what you want and whether it is available in your budget and in bloom this season. When you are meeting with your florist, always ask to see if they have a portfolio or some pictures from their previous wedding projects so you might get the idea if their expertise and style match with the picture in your head or not. You can also ask if they can make you a mock-up bouquet so you can get a better impression of how it may look on the wedding day and whether it is of the perfect size and shape. Too big or too small bouquets might steal the attention of people from you in the pictures.

In the recent years, “just handpicked and tied” bouquets have been really popular. The brides prefer such bouquets regardless of what type of wedding they are having, this style is loved by all. The best thing about this style is that you have an array of flowers and if any of them gets wilted or damaged on-spot you can just take that one out and rearrange the flowers easily.

It has been noticed that the brides are also going for full bloom roses and peonies which look stunningly romantic and traditional. These kind of traditional bouquets are timeless and the style never dates. If you are planning to get married in winters, seasonal pinecones, evergreen and holly boughs can be added to give your bouquet a wintery look along with some roses, orchids, berries, and greenery. Hydrangeas, Anemones, and Viburnum berries also look stunning in winters.

The brides all around are going with some very unique choices. Unstructured bouquets of vibrant purple clematises were seen at most garden weddings giving an intense pop of color to the bride’s overall look. Lush arrangements of white hydrangeas and pink peonies are a more decent choice and give a softer look when you do not want a pop of color. Sweet pea, Pink wild fern, cabbage roses, poppies, magnolia, elderflower, succulents are all trending nowadays.